These elite fanart websites, are archives of high quality wallpapers dedicated to a certain fandom that you can find all in one place. These archives aim to showcase the best work from each artist, and to present a variety of styles and techniques from the multitude of artists archived on these sites. To read more about these archives check out the history, here.

Current Archives

Darkest Hour
Series: Moonlight & Twilight
Opened: 4th April 2008

Twilight Statistics:
Archived Artists: 13
Wallpapers: 388

Moonlight Statistics:
Archived Artists: 8
Wallpapers: 90

Series: Supernatural
Opened: 28th January 2007
Archived Artists: 19
Wallpapers: 600

Series: BtVS & Angel
Opened: 10th May 2005
Archived Artists: 33
Archived Wallpapers: 826

On Open Hiatus

9th Wonders
Series: Heroes
Opened: 28th September 2007
9th Wonders is on a temporary hiatus.

Series: Veronica Mars
Opened: 8th January 2006
Superfine is on a temporary hiatus, see 'coming soon' below.
Coming Soon

Superfine: Free to Be Together
Series: Veronica Mars & Gilmore Girls
Opening: ... Re-opening has been postponed...