Wallflowers was my first ever 'elite archive' that I opened back in May 2005. I had been making wallpapers for a couple of years by this stage, but had just got my second domain and opened up a separate fanart website for my work earlier that year. I found a lot of artists across the web who truly inspired me and whose work was just wonderful. However, I found that going between these different sites to pick up some wallpapers for my desktop was a bit of a task, and I wondered if it would be possible to create a website that hosted a lot of this amazing artwork all in one place. After suggesting this to a friend, and hearing her excitement over the possibilities I decided to go ahead with 'Wallflowers'.

I started out by emailing a few invites out to artists that I admired, and within the first month of Wallflowers being online, I already 9 artists archived and 183 wallpapers. The site seemed to take off almost immediately, and it wasn't long before I started getting a lot of applications through as well. I truly loved working on this website and couldn't wait for another fandom to come along that I wanted to make an archive for.

In January 2006, I had just started watching Veronica Mars, and had quickly caught up with everyone else, having very quickly fallen in love with a whole new fandom, and right away I knew I wanted to create an archive for this series, 'Superfine'. Unfortunately, my desire to art Veronica Mars wallpapers, and my enjoyment of the series seemed to evaporate just as quick, and the site has remained on an open-hiatus for most of its life online.

Given the slow pace Superfine had taken on, and my enthusiasm that had waned, I was really ambivalent about ever opening another archive, and wanted to dedicate my time to Wallflowers. However, after joining the Buffyworld Forums and seeing so many great artists producing absolutely phenomenal Supernatural wallpapers, I decided to give it another shot with 'Provenance' - and much like Wallflowers it too took on a life of its own and has continued to be not just a stong website, but one of my favourites to visit and update.

While I do have so many plans for the future of these archives, and other ideas of fandoms I would love to explore in this nature, it's all a matter of how much time I have to devote to these, so who knows where I'll go from here!